Friday, April 21, 2017

Old and New and a small finish

Remember my diamond quilt fiasco? The one where the borders enthusiastically waves at me each and every times I went to my sewing room?

Since I needed to display this sample for the Toronto quilt festival, Friendly borders were not an option. So I just chopped the borders, bind it and added beading just for the fun of it.

So this is for the old.

The new is all Pinterest fault. I got inspired by Spanish blue and white tiles. So I did a first try with some lightweight steam-and-seam. The fabric is fraying badly so I will try again but with a stronger double stick fusible web, it should take care of that problem. Imagine this with the same blue sashing!!! I think it would be marvelous !!! Each block is 12"

Time for some fabric porn :) Here is the bounty I got this week.

And now for the finish. I did a bundle of fat quarter inspired by a quilt named Strawberry Lemonade Lea from Podunk Pretties made. It was hard not to start pulling fabric when I saw her quilt but I made a little Pin cushion :) I might take the dark red out and put a pale pink one instead. This is why I try to sew something with my bundles.


  1. Inspired too by your blue tiles!

  2. Love the revamp and the blue tiles make for a fabulous block. Great idea. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  3. I love the blue tiles! Beautiful Block! And the strawberry lemonade bundle is yummy.

  4. I absolutely adore the strawberry lemonade fabrics. And I love the way you've finished your diamond quilt. Those little beads you finished it with was a very creative idea.

  5. Great idea to add the beads, that mini looks fantastic! And the other block is great too! Thanks for sharing!!