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Project: Quilt corner piece or wall quilt

Technique: Fractured Image - NOT PAPER PIECING (EPP Compatible)

Size: Size 23" x 38"

Contains: All fractured pieces at 1:1 scale, fractured map, color chart, fabrics chart, instructions.

Background not included, pellon 820 stabilizer, washable school glue and freezer paper required (not included)



"Fernand the flamingo" Fractured Image Applique (English)

  • Fractured image is an exclusive technique developed by Yanicka Hachez in order to do great art appliqués for quilts easily.  


    Although it shares a similar look with paper piecing, pattern pieces are traced on the right side of the fabrics using freezer paper and the quilter does not need to work from an inverted pattern. The pieces are designed to overlap and can first be assembled and glued using washable school glue over the ledges. They can then be sewed directly using a simple zigzag or satin stitch on the overlap.  


    Even beginners can easily produce the most striking appliques using this technique - whether the pattern contains a dozen pieces or  several hundred of them.


    Quilters who prefer the more traditional english paper piecing technique (EPP) can still use all the fractured Image patterns and ignore the specific ledges instructions, adding ledges ito all pieces in order to assemble them traditionnally.


    See our tutorial guide here.

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